I can’t think of anything more fun to do than Dog Photography.  Dogs are the perfect models, and so much fun to work with. Their energy, playfulness, and unconditional love can be turned into eye-catching dog photography.

We have a few dog photography tips to help you get started.


1.Get on your dog’s level –  There’s nothing wrong with taking photos of dogs from unusual angles. But it’s important to get on their level sometimes. Not only will this make them feel more comfortable, but it will also encourage you to experiment with new angles. Shooting from the puppy’s eye level will get you the cutest pictures. To take this tip to the next level, photograph your dog as it plays, runs, and rests. You’ll end up with unique photos that you and your clients will love!

Dog photography tips

2. It’s all about the eyes –  Those puppy dog eyes are there for a reason.  If you are using a DSLR Camera, be sure to set it in manual mode and focus on the eyes!  This can be very challenging as dogs are constantly moving around, and you risk your photo being out of focus, but if you can manage to keep your pup still and focused, or if your dog is resting or sitting nicely, be sure to focus on the eyes.  If you need a little help, set your camera to aperture priority, which means the camera automatically selects a shutter speed for that added stabilization and guidance.

3. Use a solid background for fun dog portraits

This is all based on personal taste, but I love when my focus is on the dog, and there are no other distractions but that loveable, sweet expression and, of course, those big puppy dog eyes.  A pop of color in the background creates an eye-catching visual.

Dog Photography Husky

4. Use a wide-angle lens –  Short focal lengths, allow wide compositions. You can use them to create funny and unusual pictures of your pet. Suppose you aren’t a professional photographer and don’t have access to the expensive wide-angle lenses. In that case, you will be happy to know that your average iPhone or Samsung camera has a great wide-angle lens built-in.

5. Distraction, Focus, Distraction, Focus –  This is the most challenging aspect of dog photography: keeping your dog focused during a photo session.  Be sure to bring small, high-value treats, and if all fails – Dogs love Peanut Butter! This also leads to some adorable, tongue-out action shots.  If your pup is watching his or her waistline, a favorite squeaky toy is also a great distraction.

For an easier shoot, be sure to read your dog’s personality.  Observe your subject and include its strengths in your pictures for the most natural results. If your pet model is very energetic, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for a fast-paced and unpredictable photo shoot. If he or she enjoys lazing around, you can bring a few treats with you to catch its attention.  Be prepared with a portable dog shower for those outdoor photoshoots, to keep those paws clean.  Also, don’t underestimate the amount of physical work this takes – be prepared to be sore from all the squats and planking it takes to get to your dog’s eye level and capture the perfect shot.

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