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K9 Clean portable Dog Shower takes the worry out of your dog getting dirty. Let Dogs be Dogs, have fun and let K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower take care of the rest.

The Portable Dog Shower is the perfect solution for when your outing gets messier than you anticipated. It was created to shower off dirty, muddy, sandy dogs before getting into a vehicle or home.

This Portable Dog shower holds 4 liters of water and can attach to nearly anything. From your car window using our patented window hook that easily allows the user to hang the bag from any car window or similar structure. The portable pet shower will enable you to use both hands to clean and not have to maneuver a bulky water bottle. The showers bag uses a strong BPA free material, is Reusable, and Compact so it fits nicely in your vehicle and can be folded away for easy storage.

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When filled with warm water, K9 Clean gives an enjoyable shower to dirty dogs after a walk allowing the mess to be left behind. Simply dry your dog off and into the house or vehicle they go. Just fill the bag with warm water to wash away the dirt and leave your vehicle clean. The K9 Clean Portable Dog shower pairs well with our ZERO WASTE Paw Shampoo bars to get those paws extra clean!

If you are walking from your home, simply hang the bag where it is most convenient so you can clean your pet before going into the house. We usually hang the bag from a hook by our back patio door making it easy for a quick rinse before heading into the house.

K9 Clean Portable Dog shower is also great for Camping, RV use, as a clean drinking water source, Tradespeople use it for rinsing their muddy boots and its great for moms and kids at the beach!

Can also be used for the home, motorhome, camper, trailer or boat.

* Easy to use push/pull nozzle
* Gentle, Gravity fed low pressure stream great for dogs with high anxiety or aversion to water
* Easy to fill with screw on cap
* Can hold up to 49 degrees C or 120 F warm water
* Bladder is made of quality potable materials safe for drinking water
* Portable and easy to store
* Comes with 1.8 meter hose
* Comes with patented car window hanger
* BPA Free, Environmentally friendly, Reusable
* Invented and Designed in Canada

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 205 Grams/7.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: Bladder is 15” wide x 10” high
  • Holds 4 Litres/1 gallon of water

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