Is your puppy suffering from dog allergies?

Its that time of year again and many dogs are suffering from dog allergies and our golden retriever Lucy is no exception. She is constantly itching, scratching, licking and biting her paws in the effort to relieve the itch.  She has itchy runny eyes, itchy ears and suffers from one ear infection to the next.  These are all classic allergy symptoms.  Dogs like people suffer from allergies just as much if not more at this time of year.  As a dog lover, and a human sufferer – I can relate and understand the torment she is going through. I am constantly trying to figure out the source of her itchiness and trying to figure out ways to help her feel better and ease her allergy symptoms.

Before resorting to putting my dog on medication, I would prefer to try the natural route first. Of course, we suggest consulting with your veterinarian as well.

We have come up with three natural ways to try to help your dog feel better and scratch less.

  1. Rinse your dogs’ paws off to help get rid of the allergens after walking in the trails!   Most dogs hate baths and run at the site of the hose, consider using a gentle alternative and rinse your dogs’ paws off immediately after walking in the trails.  We use the K9 Clean portable pet shower for this.

  2. Brush your dog to remove loose hair – brushing prevents and removes mats which are essential in keeping your dog healthy as well as it stimulates oil production for healthy skin and fur!
  3. Pay attention to your Dogs Diet.  What is your dog eating?  Is your dog allergic to certain ingredients?  We feed our dog natural, raw dog food and found that the more natural your dogs diet the better their overall health and the more equipped they are to fight off allergens.
  4. All Natural Shampoo – using mild, all natural dog shampoo works best.  There are many options out there but we like the Zero Waste Dog Shampoo option that K9 Clean has and it smells nice too!

    Zero Waste Dog Shampoo bar

    Zero Waste Dog Shampoo bar

Suggestions and Tips

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