Dog Walks in Vancouver

We’ve compiled a list of our best dog walks in and around the lower mainland of British Columbia.

When looking for the best dog walks – you’re in the right place.  Our dog Lucy and her best furry friend Ash are very energetic, crazy, fun-loving Golden Retrievers and love more than anything to go on dog walks.  Most Goldens share a brain as these two do and love to go for long dog walks, free-spirited runs in the park, roll messily in the mud and swim and dive in the waves at the beach.  Does this sound like your dog?  If so – here is a list of seven of our favorite dog walks to do on the weekends or any other time to help get yours and your dogs’ crazies out.  Don’t forget to bring your Portable Pet Shower to rinse off the mud and sand before putting your pups back into your vehicle!

Our Favorite Dog Walks starting with the best!

Elgin Heritage Park

This is on our favorite dog walks list for two reasons!  Gorgeous Sunsets and a leisurely relaxing walk!  We enjoy this beautiful trail along the Nicomekl river and around the golf course so much that it was tough for us to share as we wanted to keep it to ourselves!  The trail goes past the Historic Stewart Farm and has stunning views of the sunset.  Great place to walk any time of the year! Our favorite time of the day to go is during the golden hour!  There are lots of shorebirds and barn owls that live here so it is important to keep your dogs on a leash so that you don’t disturb them especially when they are nesting. Don’t forget to bring your camera!  Located in Sunny South Surrey

Best Dog Walks Elgin Heritage Park

Lucy enjoying the views on her dog walk at Elgin Heritage Park

White Rock Beach – East Beach

Our Golden Retriever loves to swim and can’t get enough of running in the tide pools and rolling in the sand when the tide is out.  This is by far her number one place to go!  Best time – early mornings when the sun is coming up!  Note that dogs are prohibited on the pier and promenade so your best bet is to stick to the east beach.  Located just off 8 Ave, White Rock

Watch this video of Lucy at East Beach, White Rock

Mud Bay Park

Enjoy a long walk alongside the ocean with beautiful views of Mount Baker.  If you look up you will see tons of Eagles nests.  This is a sanctuary for herons, ducks, and migrating birds.  You can walk up to 20 km on this walk!  Great for a run, biking, horseback riding, bird watching and just to enjoy the simple beauty of Boundary Bay.  Note that from fall to early spring dogs, bikes, and horses are not permitted on the shoreline trails.  Located at 3030 – 48 Avenue, Surrey

Campbell Valley Regional Park

This is a beautiful area full of grassy meadows and beautiful trail loops.  There are two off-leash dog areas as well for you to let your pups go – socialize and play with other pups!  Located in beautiful south Langley!

Burnaby Lake

Burnaby Lake has a service road where you can be in full sun.  We like it because it’s not usually super busy with other people and dogs. Note that it is not an off-leash trail and it is patrolled often. You also have the option to walk the trail around the lake which is tree covered and lovely on a hot summer day as the shade is nice and cool for the dogs. This trail is busy with joggers and others so if you are looking for a more social event – this is it.  Located east of Vancouver on the edge of Highway #1 and near Lougheed Hwy.

Lucy and Ash – Burnaby Lake, British Columbia

Bridgeman Park

Be prepared for lots of dogs and people. The trail is all along the water and is runoff from the mountains so it is clear, refreshing and clean for the dogs. At certain times of the year, the current of the water can be very strong so watch for this. There is also a clearing available so that you can throw the ball. All in all, this is a lovely spot and has plenty of trees and running water. Located in North Vancouver – 625 Mountain Hwy.

We would love to hear about your favorite places to walk your dogs.  Send us an email or post your pics on Instagram @k9cleanpets

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