Eco Poop Scoop Bag Wins Pet Industry Award 2019!

Pet ownership has grown exponentially over the last ten years, with 67% of American households and 42% of Canadian households owning a pet. In this time, the pet industry has taken off. People now treat their pets as one of their full-fledged family members, which has led them to industry growth of 55%. As the industry as grown, pet products have become more innovative, making the lives of pets and their humans healthier and more comfortable.

Pet Business Magazine’s Industry Recognition Awards honor the best and brightest in pet care each year. The editors select the winners after searching for the most exciting and functional products on the market. They look for best-in-class merchandising, packaging, websites, and charitable efforts, as well as reviewing products at industry trade shows and local pet shops. We are excited to announce that K9 Clean has won the Pet Business Industry Recognition Award within the “Dog Cleanup” category for the Eco Poop Scoop Bag.

Eco Poop Scoop Bags - 3 pack bundles

Eco Poop Scoop Bags – 3 pack bundles

The Eco Poop Scoop bag is an innovatively designed way to pick up your dog’s waste.

They’ve been built with a built-in cardboard poop scoop handle that prevents you from having to touch your dog’s waste. If you get queasy about this unpleasant yet necessary task, this is the dog poop bag for you. You never have to feel that warm, squishy poop through a bag or risk your fingers poking through with the built-in poop scoop.

K9 Clean is a sustainability-focused company, and the Eco Poop Scoop Bag is no exception; this poop bag is eco-friendly and compostable, made with 100% recycled paper from sustainable forests. Approximately 500 million plastic poop bags are used annually worldwide; the Eco Poop Scoop Bags is one of the only dog waste bags that doesn’t contribute to plastic waste.

As the pet industry grows, pet owners and businesses are searching for eco-friendly packaging and choices more than ever before. Help make a difference and reduce single-use plastic bag pollution while avoiding that squishy feeling with the Eco Poop Scoop Bag.

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