How to keep your dog’s muddy paws clean from mud, sand, salt, and allergens

Living on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver British Columbia, we are very fortunate to have an abundance of trails, beaches, dog parks, mountains, lakes, and rivers to explore with our dogs. The challenge every one of us as dog owners has is trying to keep the outdoors from getting in our vehicles and homes by keeping those muddy paws clean.

We struggle to clean our dogs off enough so that our vehicles and houses aren’t as muddy as our puppies are. People have said that they find it a deterrent to taking their puppies to the beach as they don’t have a simple, quick easy way to get rid of the loose sand and dirt. I have tried many different options from using a water bottle, to simply trying to dry them off with a towel and none have worked with any degree of effectiveness. A water bottle doesn’t hold enough water and the towel just doesn’t get the dirt.

We came up with a simple but effective solution with the K9 Clean Portable Pet Shower.

We simply fill up the bag with nice warm water prior to leaving the house, set it in the back of the car and we are ready to go! This made our walks much more pleasurable as we didn’t have to worry about letting our puppy Lucy do what she does best! Roll around in the sand and run in the muddy water as we knew we would be able to rinse the loose mud and sand off her with our Dog Shower.

When getting back to our vehicle, we easily hang the shower from our car window using the uniquely designed hook and use the gravity-fed flow to rinse off her paws and legs getting rid of the loose mud and sand! Our dog enjoys the warm water rinse and attempts to get a drink in while we rinse her.

We also discovered the Dog Shower is handy for washing off our shoes from sand and mud which helps keep our car clean! Nonetheless, having a Golden Retriever, we still have issues with hair! If anyone has any tips for us there – let us know! However, some things you have to embrace!

K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower

Muddy Paws? No Problem.

To find out more about the K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower, visit our website and watch the product video to see how it works!

Don’t let the outdoors keep you in!


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