Five affordable Dog Wash tips on keeping your Car Clean after a muddy walk this fall.

Fall, our favorite season after a dry, hot summer. The fall season brings the long-awaited rain we so desperately need especially with all the wildfires in California and British Columbia. However, when it rains, it pours, and that means mud and tons of it and has you scrambling to find a cheap dog wash.

Canine’s love to get dirty and are attracted to the sludgiest puddle. The challenge is preventing your dog from jumping back in your car bringing all that mud with them. Don’t let the outdoors keep you in – embrace the rain and the dirt and head out prepared. Follow these tips to help keep your car clean after a muddy walk this fall.

Use A Portable Dog Wash

Be prepared and bring the reusable K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower filled with warm water on those cold, wet, fall days. This cheap dog wash system works great for rinsing your dog’s paws as well as your muddy boots. The shower is cleverly designed to hang from a car window or hatch and holds 4 liters of water to rinse off the sticky mud. We love this environmentally friendly option as it is reusable, portable and can store easily.

Tip: Fill the shower bag with warm water before you leave the house – both you and your dog would appreciate a nice warm shower to clean them off.

Portable Dog Wash and Dog Shower

Portable Dog Wash and Dog Shower

Keep Extra Towels in the Car

After you’ve rinsed your dog’s paws with the dog shower, give them a good rub down with an absorbent towel or dog grooming mitt. Drying your dog will get rid of any mud missed.

Keep a good Dog Brush in your Trunk

Dog hair can hold mud and dirt when you least want it to and fall out quickly when you don’t. Give your dog a quick brush to help loosen that extra dirt.

Rain Gear

Your dog may or may not like wearing a coat, but it certainly helps keep your furry pup clean and dry. Be sure to get a size that fits well and doesn’t rotate or slide down your dog’s body while walking. Coats are also great for keeping your dog visible with reflective strips for those dark evenings. RC Pets provides a great selection of raincoats and has cute packable rain ponchos that you will love.  They are a local company based in British Columbia, and we like to support local businesses!


Golden Retriever puppy Lucy looking forward to having a dog wash

Rubber Car Mats

Invest in water and dirt resistant rubber car mats. Rubber mats are easily washed and offer excellent protection from muddy paws and feet. Most car manufacturers have rubber mat options that you can order for your vehicle.

Tip: Wet carpet in cars takes forever to dry and can smell musty. Rubber car mats help prevent this.

With some advanced planning, these affordable dog wash tips will keep your car clean and your puppy happy on those rainy, fall days.

Let Dogs be Dogs and don’t let the outdoors keep you in!

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