Everyone knows that most dogs love to roll in mud and get dirty. As a dog owner and lover, I hate to give them the bath they need afterward, and likely little fido hates it too. When it comes to bathing your dog, half the battle is often getting the dog in the same room as the things you need to keep your pup clean. We found dog washers that are handheld and portable, so this should make this process a little less of a challenge. Most portable dog washers are handheld mobile devices that are convenient and used to wash dogs with less hassle than conventional washing stations. However, getting to the traditional and most likely stationary dog wash stations isn’t always as comfortable, so a portable dog washer is a necessity for people and dogs on the go.

Do portable showers work?

But do portable dog showers clean dogs? Yes, they do! They not only get the job done, but they can wash the areas of the dog’s body that are not easily reached and requires special attention. Portable Dog Showers are fun to use; they give you memorable moments with your dog as it integrates playtime with bath time.

Avoid shampoo, but when using shampoo for those extra muddy days, be sure to choose an all-natural gentle formula for your pet’s precious skin. Dogs’ skin is more sensitive than ours, so select the ones with no extra chemicals or harsh ingredients. We use an all-natural dog shampoo bar that also has zero plastic packaging and allows us to keep our hands on our pups at all times during the bathing process.

On those sunny warm days, we don’t mind getting wet, but on the colder days, an excellent portable dog shower can fill with soothing warm water, so it takes the stress off everyone involved, including yourself and it’s more soothing to your dog.

How to Use Portable Dog Washers

The way to use a mobile dog washer depends on the type of appliance used. Each mobile dog washing station is designed with each owning its kind of structure. Portable dog washing setups may exert water from one end while others simultaneously provide numerous valves.  Generally, the user opens the lever to get the water flowing. However, some systems need to be tilted and squeezed. The handling of each unit will vary significantly from one device to the other in terms of ease of use. Due to this, dog owners have more options depending on their taste. The safe confinement of the dog is also the main component when choosing. To avoid the buildup of limescale and dirt, make sure you perform routine maintenance, as explained in the portable dog washing kit.

Generally designed for outdoor use without a tub, some portable washers are conveniently designed for indoor use as well. Not all portable bathing stations are the same. The differences between products are typically the shape of the handheld device’s ease of use. The method by which the water is collected will also be a variable. We are going to focus on the Top 5 Outdoor Portable Dog Washers today.


Portable Dog Shower

Watch how to use the K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower

The GOOD – The only real mobile dog wash that has its own warm or cold water source with a hose and on/off lever. You fill the water bag with hot or cold water before your adventure with your pup, and it holds 4 litres of water. More than enough to rinse those muddy paws and undercarriage. It has a unique handle that hooks onto your car window or hatchback, allowing you to keep your hands free while washing off your pup. It can also be used at the back door of your home or anywhere you may need a portable dog shower to rinse those paws off and require a water source. A good example is for camping use or hanging outside your motorhome, keeping those paws and your home clean. This is a necessity for the dog lover.  Its usability and practicality are second to none!

The BAD – You must follow the instructions on the packaging to keep the dog shower and bag clean. Dogs love to drink out of the hose, so keep it fresh! Easy to do, but ought to be done.

The PRICING – CAD $39.99 Available at k9clean.com or on Amazon.


The GOOD – One of the cool mobile dog washing tools, The Aquapaw dog washing tool, may look amusing on the outside but is a very convenient shower sprayer. Hook the device to your palm. Control the unit by the squeeze of your hand for either the on or off position. The shower works as a sprayer and scrubber in one!

The BAD – Unit requires a hook-up to a water source such as a garden hose or indoor shower. Most garden hose attachments are cold water only. So this is not a truly portable option. It does come with an 8″ hose and adapters to connect to the source, but you are still going to get the cold water and risk losing the pieces of the adapters.

The Pricing – $24.95 on Amazon

3. Kurgo Mud Dog Travel Shower

Kurgo Dog Wash

THE GOOD – The Kurgo Dog Travel Shower is supposed to turn any plastic soda bottle into a portable shower by screwing it onto most plastic bottles. It’s a convenient shower to clean off a playful puppy. Fits Standard PET soda bottles from 16oz to 2 litres (not included)

The BAD.  Most people have trouble finding the right-sized bottle for it to fit. If you squeeze the bottle too hard to get a decent water flow, the showerhead can easily pop off the bottle sending water squirting everywhere. This unit also has to have a plastic bottle with water in it to screw on, and often has to fill up more than one bottle to get their pup clean. They often have to purchase drinking water from the store to make this in any way practical. Purchasing more plastic water bottles doesn’t help with our single-use plastic pollution problem and eliminating these types of plastics.

The Pricing; $15.95 CAD AMAZON

4. Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower

The GOOD – The Waterpik PPR-252 brings a whole level of cleverness to washing your dog. The portable dog washing machine comes as a multi-faceted wand that attaches to your shower for easy washing or can be attached to an outdoor unit such as a hose. It has a limited lifetime warranty and is a professional-grade dog shower that allows users to shampoo, wash, and rinse.

The BAD – This UNIT is NOT a TRULY PORTABLE SHOWER for those pet lovers on the go! Once again, it has to be connected to a water source such as a garden hose or indoor faucet. The diverter (the part that hooks up to the showerhead) is plastic and is known to blow apart after a few times using it. Very expensive for the promise vs. the reality – it leaks and is essentially a showerhead. Standard fittings do not always fit outdoor attachments.

The PRICING – Amazon CDN$ 49.97

5. Rinse Ace 3 Way 94068. 

PetShowerSprayerTHE GOOD – Because the Rinse Ace 3 Way 94068 is very affordable. It connects directly to your shower head; it’s a good choice for those who don’t have an outdoor area to bathe their dog. Its long hose lets you reach around an animal, and the variable flow lever helps you conserve water.

The BAD – Once again, this portable dog shower requires a hook-up to a water source. It continues to be the main frustration in our research. Frustration has also occurred by some customers is that you must have good pressure in the pipe since the adapter removes the pressure to the watering can. The hose, at first, is hard. Still, when heated with the water, it loosens. This while it is long, it is fragile, and that does not come out with much water. There also seems to be a constant demand to purchase replacement parts.


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