After you give a dog a bath…9 times out of 10, they will go crazy and run around in circles. This behavior is commonly known as the Zoomies.

There’s a physical rush of energy.  Dogs do this because of anything from relief, shaking to dry off, to rolling around attempting to get rid of this mysterious new smell. It could be a release of nervous energy due to stress or the happiness of being done.

Zoomies can be triggered by watching other dogs, kids, or when people engage in a high energy playful behavior, or spending a dull rainy day at home.  People often feel that this is a show of dog anxiety.

What is the actual description though?  This activity does have another name.  It’s called FRAP – frenetic random activity period.  FRAP is brief, enthusiastic outbursts of running and play that appear to take over our dog’s minds.  FRAPs provide a way for your dog to expend energy and get some relief.

How to Help Dogs With the Zoomies

It is very common for your dog to get the zoomies, especially in their younger years.  Zoomies are healthy, normal behavior.  While FRAPs or the zoomies are entirely reasonable in dogs, there are some actions you can take if these rounds of energy are due to stress.  You can help by making sure your dog is active and gets a healthy dose of exercise. Encourage a healthy release of energy with a long walk – we recommend at least an hour a day. Or take your dog for a run or play a good game of fetch.  Regular exercise keeps your dog happy and healthy.  If the rainy fall weather is a deterrent for you – remember dog accessories like the K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower are excellent for giving your puppy a quick rinse before jumping back into your vehicle or entering your home.  Fill it with warm water to calm your pup!

Dog Grooming K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower

Dog Grooming K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower

When a dog is encountering the zoomies, it’s essential to keep her away from any dangerous situations. We have had many cases where our Dog Lucy has got the zoomies while at the beach and usually when we are attempting to go home after a long walk.  Try to resist the temptation of chasing your dog; they will think it’s a fun game!  Make sure you have lots of high-value treats and quickly slip on the leash when they are close enough.  Another tip that has worked for us is to run in the other direction as most likely your dog will want to chase you!

Want to learn more bathing tips for your dog, or you have any suggestions?  Let us know!

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