The K9 Clean Portable Dog Wash is like having a hose to go! Easily wash away dirt, sand and more from kids, pets, and gear.

For dog owners who don’t want their car to look like a beach, this portable dog wash is a simple, effective way to rinse off sandy feet, muddy boots, and dirty paws or cool off with a quick rinse.  We found that there are many other useful purposes other than just cleaning your dog.

  • Sandy Kids: After a day at the beach, everyone has sand on their legs, feet and in between their toes.  Using the K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower you can wash away the sand and keep it out of the vehicle.    We use it to wash off our muddy boots and shoes before getting in the vehicle.
  • Recreational Vehicles: Do you ever struggle to keep your Boats, Motorhomes, Campers and even tents clean?  Keep your K9 Clean hanging outside the door for a quick rinse of muddy feet.  K9 Clean is compact and great to have on hand for washing off the day’s dirt.
  • Tradespeople: We all know that when putting in a days work at the job site it can leave a person dirty, dusty, and sweaty.  It’s good to have the K9 Clean to wash it all away!
  • Emergency Water: When traveling in your car and all of a sudden your car overheats, or your window washer reservoir is dry, K9 Clean is water on the go!  Even sudden spills in the car can be instantly tended to.

Whenever and wherever you need water, K9 Clean is there. It can easily hang in a variety of places and is completely portable.  Since there is no need to pump and no battery required this gravity fed shower is very affordable.  Simply fill the K9 Clean Portable Shower from the tap before you leave with hot or cold water to wash anything!

Golden Retriever Lucy getting dirty at the beach

Crazy Lucy getting dirty

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