Did you know that most biodegradable Dog poop bags made are with Oxo-Biodegradable material? These types of bags are not environmentally friendly at all!  The hot topic these days is banning single-use plastic bags, but how is everyone disposing of their Dog’s Poop?  And why isn’t anyone talking about it?

The positive news is that there are many cities in Canada and around the world, banning single-use plastic bags.  Have you thought about how you can make a difference by making a simple change in disposing of your Dog’s waste?

Here are some eye-opening points for you:

  • On average, one dog generates approximately one kilogram of Poop every few days. The dog population in Canada is about 7.6 million dogs (as of 2016). That converts to over 2.5 million kilograms of dog waste per day, and over 924 million kilograms per year. That’s a lot of Poop, and in return, a Sh!tload of Plastic Poop bags used.
  • On average, approximately 500 million plastic poop bags used annually worldwide.
  • Plastic bags can take 500 or more years to degrade in a landfill if ever.
  • Hundreds of thousands of marine animals are killed annually by plastic bags.
  • Most Dog poop bags made are with Oxo-Biodegradable material. These types of bags are not environmentally friendly at all!

How are oxo-biodegradable bags made?

First of all, they are plastic that has a chemical known as EPI added to them in the manufacturing process to help it in the breakdown process! The only issue is they breakdown into smaller pieces, which makes it a lot harder to clean up then the full plastic bag itself. Therefore, these products are not environmentally friendly at all, but instead ecologically destructive. Search oxo-biodegradable products and ensure you never use them as they are making more of a mess on the planet we live in.

The plastic rain era has started thanks to all of the oxo-biodegradable bag manufacturers and brands! National Geographic recently released an educational piece where it says that scientists have discovered significant amounts of tiny plastic particles falling out of the air in a remote mountain location.  Above all, if we do not stop using oxo-biodegradable products, it won’t be too much longer before Microplastics start falling out of the sky everywhere.

We need to start educating ourselves and use Dog Waste bags such as K9 Cleans Eco Poop Scoop Bags that contain NO PLASTICS and are consumed by micro-organisms!

Most importantly, as dog owners, we can start to help reduce plastic pollution on our planet.  If together, we make the goals of eliminating our use of oxo-biodegradable plastic bags and single-use plastic bags, we can move towards a greener and cleaner future.

We would love to hear from you.  If you’ve got some good suggestions or other ideas that you would like to add, please let us know!  Contact us at info@k9clean.com.

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