Dog Grooming and keeping your home clean of dog hair can be cumbersome.

Whether you live with a hairy Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Dachshund or Poodle it’s a daily struggle to keep our home clean of hair, and muddy paws and staying on top of dog grooming.  As dog parents, we’ve collected the best tips on staying on top of dog grooming and animal grooming products while keeping your house in top shape.

Keeping on top of the Dog Mess

Dogs are like kids.  You have to stay on top of the chaos so that it doesn’t get out of control.   They may be adorable, but they can be very messy.  Prevent the irritation of a messy dog with our suggestions on canine-cleaning your home.

Dog Hair – It’s Everywhere

One of the most annoying problems dog parents face is pet hair. It’s on the floors, the couch, and not only your clothing but your guest’s clothing too. Place a blanket or slipcover wherever your dog likes to rest.  Be sure to shake it out when cleaning to get rid of most of the hair before you throw it in the washing machine.  Use a good dog brush to help reduce the hair.

Getting Dog Hair out of Rugs

Vacuum, and do it twice in various directions. My life changed when we bought the best vacuum for pet hair the Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum.  It’s very powerful, lightweight and is great for all surfaces including hardwood floors and carpets.  You will be amazed at how much hair and fur it sucks up!

Dog Grooming tips on keeping your home clean from hair

Dog Grooming tips on keeping your home clean from hair

Hair on Clothing and Furniture

The only thing that works on clothing is a really sticky lint roller and failing that wrap packing tape around your hand!  Another product to try is a grooming glove. Your dog will enjoy the massage you give her while you’re deshedding.  For your furniture, use the vacuum’s furniture tool or a hand vacuum.

Muddy Paws? No Problem!

Keep a K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower and towel by your door prior to going out for a walk. Fill it with nice warm water and once the walk is over, rinse your dog’s paws and undercarriage with the water. Dry them off and you and your dog are good to go.  Once you use this Dog Wash you will wonder how you ever managed to keep your house clean without it!  This habit is a good one to get into especially during the winter months when sidewalks, roads, and driveways are often covered with salt which is toxic on your puppies paws.

Protecting your hardwood floors by trimming your Dogs Nails

Is dog nail trimming a fear?  Don’t let it be – there are several options for dog nail clippers on the market that make it not as stressful. Have your veterinarian or dog groomer show you how to trim nails first.

Dog Food Place Mat

Most dogs tend to get a little messy when eating their dog food.  Help ease the clean up by placing a placemat under their dog dishes.  We use a rubber one that you can simply rinse off when your dog is finished.

Groom Regularly

Grooming your Dog on a regular schedule is great for keeping your home clean and your dog clean.  You can source out if there is cheap dog grooming near me – for the times that there isn’t, consider using the K9 Clean Dog Shower.  There are also many mobile dog groomers which are super convenient.



  1. Alice

    The Dyson Animal works by far the best picking up what we like to call our golden glitter. Amazing Vaccum Cleaner – the K9 Clean dog shower is fantastic for preventing muddy paws tracking all over your hardwood floors as well!


    Another excellent article! Thank you!


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