Most people pick up their dog’s poop with what they believe is an eco-friendly poop bag, and think you’re doing your best to help the environment.

Some still use single-use plastic bags thinking that they are doing their part as they are reusing plastic — unfortunately, many dog poop bags that claim to be earth-friendly or biodegradable aren’t. They don’t break down within a year, and some never degrade at all. We’ve all seen the horrible photos of dead whales that have hundreds if not thousands of plastic bags in their stomach and the images of sea turtles wrapped up in discarded plastic bags but what’s a responsible dog owner to do? Is there such a thing as a poop bag that’s good for the environment? We’ve got the scoop on earth-friendly poop bags and how to use them.

The scoop on dog poop bags:

Plastic, eco-friendly poop bags contain an EPI additive which helps the bag break down.  However, there are no poop bags that meet the requirements for biodegradable dog waste bags that ensure degradation in a landfill environment. Poop is primarily disposed of in the trash and then ends up in landfills. These landfills do not present conditions in which complete decomposition will occur. Simply put, when plastic poop bags go into the landfill – biodegradation does not happen because of the lack of oxygen. A simple, eco-friendly option is the K9 Clean Poop Scoop Bags. They are 100% paper-based and compostable (similar to the existing Kraft paper food waste bags) with ZERO PLASTIC.  These bags also have a no-touch scooping system which allows you to scoop up the poop without feeling that warm, squishy sensation. Unfortunately, most bio-fuel facilities have yet to determine the aftermarket use of discarded dog poop collected in a bio-degradable fashion.

Eco Poop Scoop Bags

K9 Clean Eco Poop Scoop Bags

The simple fact is that plastic bags can take 5-10 years to decompose. Paper bags take about a month to decompose which in our books make Eco Poop Scoop bags a win! K9 Clean also has funny Designer Poo Poo Bags as an option which have the same great qualities of the Eco Poop Scoop bags.  Great gift idea!

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