There’s no way around it, owning a dog means picking up your dog’s poop.  This duty is never fun, especially if you have a weak stomach. We’ve compiled a list of 3 simples things to look for and what they can mean in looking at your dog’s waste. However, it is necessary, not only because leaving poop behind is unhealthy for everyone and can leave behind diseases and viruses, but it is also one of the biggest causes of water pollution.    While you are picking up the stinky mess, it’s important to pay attention and be aware of any possible health concerns.


Here are 3 simple things to look for and what they mean.


Solid and Brown – this is healthy! Your dog’s digestive tract is on track.  It shouldn’t smell too much and shouldn’t be too large as that’s usually a sign of low-quality food or kibble.  We’re a proponent of a raw diet (a topic for a different discussion) but have found our pups poops are solid and it’s a good sign that things in your pup’s gut are good.


Runny Diarrhea – dogs love to eat food, any food.  But please try to refrain from giving your dog table scraps.  More often than not, diarrhea is caused by eating something they shouldn’t like table scraps or something your dog has discovered on a walk or at the beach.  If this is the case, it will likely clear up on its own within a day. Diarrhea can also signal that your dog has an infection (like a parasite, a bacterial infection, or inflammatory bowel disease). If diarrhea doesn’t go away on its own after a day or two, take a trip to your vet.


Small, Hard Pebbles – uh oh, constipation.  Dogs like people can get constipated, and the contributing factors are similar to humans as well.  Insoluble fibers, or not consuming enough water.  If you have a long haired pup, often pups can ingest fur making it challenging to poop. If your dog has had constipation for more than a day or two, call your vet. Swallowing a rock or a sock can be life-threatening if not treated as it can obstruct his or her intestines.


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